Using Spirituality as the End all Be All

I was recently faced with an altercation involving an individual (they will remain nameless to protect their privacy) who used the phrase "I'm Spiritual". Under any other circumstance, this is a valid and true statement that most people use to define their journey, but in this certain instance, this individual was using the statement as an End All Be All to describe themselves. As if being spiritual released them from their part in the conflict.

This interaction didn't really sit well with me because I believe that 'being spiritual' is SO much more than saying some words to describe yourself. 

I believe when you set foot on your particular path to becoming spiritual, there is a lot of internal work to be done on yourself first. I believe that you have to look inward and identify those things that you can take responsibility for first - before you can move forward and do other spiritual work. On another note, being Spiritual doesn't make you better than someone else or perfect either. 

Don't get me wrong, looking at yourself and really dissecting what issues or conflicts you have within yourself that are facilitating the conflict further is not always easy. 

You really have to come from a place of love, and be gentle and kind in the treatment of yourself. Then you must surrender to those things and really WANT to work through them. I myself have years and years of unresolved issues and destructive behaviors that are causing me turmoil in my present life. I've found it best to just take it step by step (baby steps if you will) and really analyze each conflict within myself. Then, I ask myself, "How much better would I feel in my daily life if I could work through these issues, and release them?"

In my experience, the answer is almost ALWAYS a resounding, "WAY BETTER"!

Sometimes, depending on the other individual involved, you will end up going round and round in circles because the other person feels like a victim or victimized by you. This is a very difficult situation, and in my experience, you'll be sitting for hours with the other person talking in circles and saying the same things over and over because the other person can not or does not want to accept their part in the altercation. This is almost always a difficult situation because you leave feeling that things are unresolved and they leave thinking things are resolved. 

The most important message I wanted to get across in this post is that when you are dealing with a situation like this, don't just throw out "I'm Spiritual" in hopes of that sentiment absolving you from having any responsibility in a situation or conflict. 

Ask yourself what part you've played, how you can accept your part and surrender to it and most importantly - how you can forgive yourself and the other person involved. If you're dealing with a particularly difficult individual that won't accept their part, I typically forgive the individual for my own well being. I've learned that carrying around all that resentment and anger towards someone else is very toxic, and the best thing you can do for yourself is forgive them and send them love.

Have any of you guys experienced something like this? Let me know how you dealt with the situation. 

As always, take what resonates with you, and leave the rest. 

With Love and Light, 

Fauwxx <3  

Journeying - Panther has shown his face

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Upon journeying the other night, the black panther showed up. I've been doing a lot of ego work lately - and my specific question during my journey was, "How can I be more confident about my spirituality?"

The black panther teaches us to 'take off our mask.' Such a brilliant message for what I'm currently experiencing. Although I believe in my spirituality and I accept it myself, I haven't always been open about it with the public for fear of rejection. Rejection is the fastest way to destroy the ego - hence it's also a very good way to work on your ego.

Although I think the black panther is a beautiful animal - it also instills unrest in my soul. A kind of nausea infects my stomach when I look at him. I researched why I have this feeling about the black panther - and it's due to the fact that this particular spirit animal is trying to teach and instill his knowledge upon me. We almost always have this sort of reaction to a spirit animal when there are lessons to be learned from him. I have the same feelings about scorpions - but they show up often for me while journeying (that is a totally different post - I'll share more about him later).

In conclusion - I've decided to heed Panther's advice and 'take off the mask' of anonymity that I've been living behind. I vow to speak my truth from this moment on. What do I have to lose by being truthful and honest? The answer is nothing. Those who resonate with me as a person will stay, and those who do not will leave.


Take the road that is best for YOU

Just a little inspiration for you guys today. Never be afraid to take the road less traveled. I've done this most of my life, and I can say that I don't regret any path that I've taken. Some of them lead to not so fun things - but for the most part - these things helped shape who I am as a person. I look at them as learning lessons that make you stronger. They have also taught me that I can do or deal with anything life can throw at me.

Take the road that is best for you. Take the road that inspires you.

Fauwxx <3