Journeying - Panther has shown his face

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Upon journeying the other night, the black panther showed up. I've been doing a lot of ego work lately - and my specific question during my journey was, "How can I be more confident about my spirituality?"

The black panther teaches us to 'take off our mask.' Such a brilliant message for what I'm currently experiencing. Although I believe in my spirituality and I accept it myself, I haven't always been open about it with the public for fear of rejection. Rejection is the fastest way to destroy the ego - hence it's also a very good way to work on your ego.

Although I think the black panther is a beautiful animal - it also instills unrest in my soul. A kind of nausea infects my stomach when I look at him. I researched why I have this feeling about the black panther - and it's due to the fact that this particular spirit animal is trying to teach and instill his knowledge upon me. We almost always have this sort of reaction to a spirit animal when there are lessons to be learned from him. I have the same feelings about scorpions - but they show up often for me while journeying (that is a totally different post - I'll share more about him later).

In conclusion - I've decided to heed Panther's advice and 'take off the mask' of anonymity that I've been living behind. I vow to speak my truth from this moment on. What do I have to lose by being truthful and honest? The answer is nothing. Those who resonate with me as a person will stay, and those who do not will leave.