Hello and welcome! My name is Fauwxx (pronounced Fox). 

I'm currently on a journey to learn the Tarot and I want to share my journey with you! I'm learning to read the cards intuitively at the moment, and have also been practicing meditation daily.

Tarot has helped me so much, and I believe it's a great tool to help you live your life more intuitively. It's opened me to thinking that I would not necessarily of come to if I wasn't looking to the cards. Tarot has also settled my soul a bit - giving me answers to questions that I haven't had anyone else to talk to about.

So why am I here, sharing with you? 

I've always been 'sensitive' to things of the Metaphysical nature. As a child I experienced things that would terrify even adults. I remember sleeping with my mother one night when I was 6, and we both awoke to a shadow man standing in the doorway. I remember being startled, but not afraid. It's almost as if I understood what he was - a spirit. 

There were also numerous times while playing in my room where I would set things down, turn around and the things would be moved or put away in my closet. This 'closet' phenomenon would continue into my adulthood - almost every apartment or house that I've lived in has had some crazy energy living in the closets.

I've felt invisible things jump onto my bed and seen flashes of things running by me while I'm silently working. I have the inherent ability to know when things unseen are near me - goosebumps and temperature changes are a HUGE tip off. 

I'm also an Empath Psychic - though I just figured this out about 7 years ago. I never fully understood why I would get so drained at parties or why I would suddenly feel angry, sad, or hyper for no apparent reason. Through study - I've learned to ground myself and protect myself from absorbing these energies from others. 

I digress - 

I'm here to share my journey with you because the cards have told me that writing is one of the gifts unknown to me. I can't say it was completely unknown to me as I can recall always loving to write short stories and I've written poetry my whole life. I do feel that now is the right time to write and I feel like sharing my experiences with you because they are very much apart of me. I believe through sharing I will be able to help others, or pass on the knowledge that I've attained on my journey. 

I've had trouble sharing and being confident in my beliefs.....

I was bullied quite a lot as a child. Ridiculed for being 'different'.  I have always worn what I wanted and done what I wanted. Through thought and meditation I believe that my lack of confidence in sharing myself with the world is directly connected to being bullied or belittled because I developed a defense mechanism. I call it my 'tough' persona. If I act masculine maybe people won't bother me or attack me. If I don't share anything about myself or beliefs - no-one will have anything to 'pick at'. I can attest to the fact that this has caused even more heartache for me because now that I'm being open about the things I enjoy or believe in - people that I've known are falling away or wondering why I've changed all of a sudden. I don't so much mind people falling away because I understand that that happens in life during changes in our journey - but it's difficult to be confident dealing with those that stay because they don't necessarily understand. In any case, I'm working very hard to be confident in my beliefs - which will in turn fulfill my soul.

What will you find me writing about? 

I'll be writing about all things Metaphysical as well as sharing some of my art that is inspired by my recent meditations or experiences. I have a plethora of paranormal stories to share, as well as my journey to learning Tarot reading and my experiences with meditation or journeying.

I'll leave you with this.....

Trust in your Journey. Your Journey is yours and yours alone. Don't compare yourself to others.